food and frantic busymen

two subjects i've never tried, but was asked to for a classmate's food magazine.
the spots are about food applications for iphone, in clockwise order: VegOut, UrbanSpoon, DinnerSpinner, and HelloVino


i like these guys.

everything will be ok.

photographing books.

last semester figure drawing sketchbook.

last semester 'Megaphors'

Kafka on the Shore flip book of characters

Alexander Graham Bell children's book


kafka on the shore package

this novel by Haruki Murakami became quite the project...
i designed a box template and book jacket, just really utilized painting and experimentation.
enjoyed this quite thoroughly, and the strangeness of the novel- where talking cats and a Colonel Sanders coexist.

in addition, a flip book of 12 characters accompanies the package. The characters are cut into thirds to create new & bizarre imagery.

"sunshine recorder"
created in 30 minutes of 'sunshine' this morning for Brittany's Sketch Wars idea-
good call!


a poster, a process

documenting the creation of a poster from start to finish.
this summer I saw the American Wind Symphony Orchestra perform in Goderich, Ontario.
They travel on a barge designed by Louis Kahn. They arrive at harbours, where the audience has brought lawn chairs. At night, the barge opens up much like a clam shell to reveal the seated players. It is a very dramatic and fun experience!


girl & peanut friends