have some cake

Is it a coincidence I am researching the Grim Reaper on my birthday? oh noooo!
i am 23 today, and life, and this year, has been pretty swell.


the trials of mitri

an experimental process book (see pdf 45mb)
warning: contains lots and lots of ice cream, may not be suitable for all audiences


things i am enjoying this weekend

maira kalman speaks.

georges schwizgebel's moving paintings.


yay awesome times

another week's crude animation!


my not so fabulous voyage

morph yourself into something-
i have felt like a boiling kettle lately

may your Thanksgiving be filled with squishy guard puppies and naps... lots of both.


it's time to loosen this blog up & get some actual sketches up.
here is a series of spot drawings.
these describe dishonesty. the last one being a pinocchio trophy.

here are the final 4.
1 - McSweeney's Literary Publications
2 - the Royal Tyrrell dinosaur museum kids camp, just an hour away in Drumheller, Alberta
3 & 4 - both concepts on deja vu.


play fair

this week's animation assignment. we were given the soundtrack to adhere to. i found this really helpful in completing a decent project. done in toon boom! sheep and lantern were made quickly in photoshop.


windmills + the don

my illustration class was visited today by rick sealock. the man was as vivid & entertaining as his imagery, and it made for a few chuckles that fine monday morning! rick answered some of my student questions earlier in summer. he's helpful and has spunk, for sure. check out his website.