may 29th-june 5th

through a sudden + surprising turn of events, i am going to savannah, georgia for a week!
namely to see some really great friends
contact me if you think you'll be around!


walking bandit is a constant source of inspiration!



welcome to summer.


happy victoria day!

my dog can't stop standing on this painting. it's like he needs to be on it.


mrs. flynn

a little 2-page comic about an amazing woman i met yesterday.
i'm definitely no comic book artist. but i'm finding line work lately to be so much fun!


thank you for still looking at this... thanks!



painting a lot of birds lately. granted, our birdfeeders in the front lawn stay pretty busy.


tcaf was so awesome. it was a real adventure to travel to toronto for the day and meet a whole slew of inspiring creators. i was lucky enough to first meet Aaron Leighton, a graduate of my program and now residing in Toronto. he was incredibly friendly!
then exchanged confused glances with a boy who later turned out to be a first year student at acad named Simon Roy. we've never spoken but somehow recognized each other, but he was there to promote his first comic book! wow!
last, i met Jillian and Mariko Tamaki. that completed my day. i read Skim on the train ride home and can say it's made a deep + haunting impression on me since.


i might get a job this summer at a greenhouse... i hope so.

good & evil

dogs are always & especially good




hello to the day.

today, we'll go to stratford. this saturday, i'll go to TCAF.