this is a magic realist world created for my Environments class. heavily inspired by Salman Rushdie's book Haroun and the Sea of Stories. we were required to create at least 5 images describing interior, exterior, transportation, and atmosphere.

i really enjoyed this project, its process, and learned so much about Photoshop along the way!


keep strong and carry on*

*while wearing a tutu


jared hogan.

my friend from Savannah has filmed a music video now shown on the Pitchfork website.
do watch when you get the chance.!


the last final. i anticipate... sunshine!



what? no updates? what's wrong with me? shame...
i have officially begun the end of finals. i'll soon fly to ontario, where we'll partake in tiki bar time and general campfire fun. in a few weeks my mom and i will drive to alabama for my sister's 21st birthday. she's having me draw her tattoo- thanks sis- then after that, i am not suree? i want to catch up with my friends. but i am sure- i will be updating more and filling a sketchbook.

be sure to contact me or let me know here what you're doing for summer. maybe we can meet up!