two mood studies done for a pulp fiction project. the story is "It's a Good Life" by Jerome Bixby- also made into a Twilight Zone episode of the same title. i am now working on the cover.. but enjoyed these. in oil paint... i was baking them in the oven earlier

something a little subdued... i like the cinnamon buns line.. so?

A Weather - Spiders Snakes



beirut's new album is fantastic- i especially love the second half

Beirut - The Shrew


Here We Go Magic - Fangela


slow down!

here are two unrelated items.
i did a small job for university of calgary this week. it'll be printed on some brochures to direct new students to their website.
i need to get better at photoshop...
my dad also just received a box in the mail of a renaissance game he produced last year. i created cd packaging for him over summer. he's quite pleased, so i'm happy.

the illustrators are planning a mural for this event (it's next week!). documentation to follow.