so, i'm just kind of catching up.

and eating chocolate, and watching a good documentary on Annie Leibovitz (yeah... I had to look up the spelling), and posting some projects from my illustration class, and everything else BUT studying for a midterm tonight.

anyways, beginning with project 1, which was to morph a classmate (and ideally a friend) into a character based on personality (moreso than appearance). so here is my friend-turned-snarling sailor. and ... she is still my friend.now... my storyboard for The Graduate (Dustin Hoffman... 1960s... you know the one). rapscallion Ben enters the church while the girl he loves (daughter of Mrs. Robinson) is marrying a spinoff named Carl. while drawing possibly life-ruining amounts of attention to himself, Mrs. Robinson gives a 'triumphant smile' (says the script). i like that...

and the latest project, in the stream of character design, to create a concept for our final project, which is a graphic novel.

blind string bean bellyflop jean, although that name should be shorter.

when you are an adult you no longer have to go out on a cold night and beg for candy... rather, it stares at you from your kitchen table instead.

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Jasreet Pratap said...

hey julia
it is jazz from the moring . now what i do not get is why they did not pick your submission for the show and sell . it is way better then the one they have up now, i am more anger now then before knowing that they chooses crap over awesomeness . any way it was nice talking to you today.