good sport.

happy new years!
ingredients.. silverpoint and shellac. grandfather too


and poor posture too

a painting for my sister. gesso, spray paint, acrylic, colored pencil and ribbon. and conte powder. 20" x 20". i like square formats.
(click for a nice grainy image)


christmas gifter

this was a record player brent found. i altered it.. which became a lot of fun. i cut off fingers of a winter mitten and collected seeds and wrote in cursive with gel paint. the birds in the nest spell "love", the nest will rotate for a small few seconds until the record player kind of hates you and stops. the two portraits are my roommate and i when we dressed up for an 80s party. the words "dream team" are written below.

economy of line, or,

good christmas !!!
i got a woodburning kit,
makes the room smell nice.